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Sustenance For A Wild Woman

Sanctuary Kitchen


Image of Sanctuary Kitchen

11 x 14" signed first edition giclée print of original 49 x 62" oil painting

ABOUT THE IMAGE: Concurrent with a full time career as an artist, I've been closely connected to restaurant and food pantry kitchens in my work as an organic farmer. The work that people do to prepare food for others is done with a devotion and ritual that is nothing short of sacred.

I am always in awe watching them. And boggled by the endurance required to stand for many hours at a time, in high heat and high gear, meticulously repeating the same fussy tasks dozens or hundreds of times a day. All to prepare a multisensory experience that will be demolished within minutes, very often going largely unappreciated as well.

It’s like a microcosm of all of life -- working so hard for a brief moment of individual fruition, and simultaneously for the vast purpose of sustaining Life itself, beyond the present act and regardless of appreciation.

Sanctuary Kitchen is an attempt to convey the magic of the world of people who choose to cook for others, the body & soul nourishment of lovingly prepared food.